My Cake Couture

Established at the dawn of COVID-19 in the beginning of 2020, My Cake Couture is a bespoke cake studio situated in the heart of LA, California.

We specialize in the creation of bespoke custom cakes and desserts. As a custom cake and dessert company, we epitomize the art of confectionery with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our culinary journey begins with a selection of the finest ingredients, expertly transformed into masterpieces that transcend the ordinary.

Our exquisite offerings extend beyond mere desserts; they are an expression of creativity and flavor. From artistic custom cakes, meticulously designed for weddings and other special celebrations, to a curated selection of cupcakes, cookies, and indulgent candy table treats, My Cake Couture's repertoire reflects a harmonious fusion of artistry and taste.

Each custom cake we create is an edible work of art, a testament of our dedication to crafting confections that capture the essence of life's most important celebrations.

Join us at My Cake Couture for an experience that blends artistic creativity with sweetness, elevating your special occasions to new heights.

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My Cake Couture Founder & Cake Artist

Gladis Linares

Hello there, I'm Gladis, the creative mind and passionate founder of My Cake Couture. While I'm known for crafting exquisite custom cakes and desserts today, my journey into the world of confectionery started as an unassuming hobby shared among family and friends.

For nearly two years, I indulged my love for sweets by creating delightful candy table treats. Yet, in those early days, I was a shy and reserved individual, grappling with self-esteem issues. The thought of turning this sweet passion into a full-fledged business seemed like a distant dream, one I was hesitant to pursue.

It was in 2019 that the tide began to turn. I enrolled in the transformative "Passion to Profit" program by the visionary Janelle Copeland of The Cake Mamas. This remarkable journey not only exposed me to the intricacies of the business world but also introduced me to a vibrant community of fellow cake and dessert enthusiasts. Among them, I formed a deep bond with Keily Veras of Keily Cakes, who remains one of my dearest friends to this day.

About Gladis Linares continued...

With Janelle's guidance, the unwavering support of Keily, the camaraderie of my fellow program participants, and countless hours of practice (trust me, cakes are no walk in the park), I faced my share of sweat, tears, and moments of doubt. There were times when I contemplated giving up, yet the passion that ignited this journey never waned.

Through sheer determination and an unyielding love for the craft, I emerged from these trials stronger than ever, and in 2020, My Cake Couture was born.

Today, I pour my heart and soul into every cake and dessert I create. What drives me is the opportunity to collaborate with my customers and bring their unique visions to life through my confections. The joy of transforming dreams into delicious reality is what fuels my dedication to My Cake Couture.

Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey. Together, we'll continue to celebrate life's sweetest moments, one delectable creation at a time.

Love always,